Want to learn more about YIMBY? We have our favorite videos, podcasts, and articles listed below. These resources explore the impact of housing supply on costs, the benefits of density, the role of zoning and other local regulations, and the racism that contributed to our housing crises.

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This short, animated video provides a demonstration of the impact of the housing shortage. It compares housing to a game of musical chairs. A lack of housing means that some families will not be unable to obtain housing, and will increase costs overall. The solution is to create more housing. (2 minutes)

This video explains how laws about what can be built where drive rising home prices. There is a shortage of smaller homes and homes near schools, jobs, and other services. Zoning laws contribute to the shortage because they make it illegal to build multiple homes (e.g., a duplex or apartments) on existing lots. It notes how federal action could help counter neighborhoods' tendency to oppose changing zoning laws. (10 minutes)


Segregated By Design’ examines the forgotten history of how our federal, state and local governments unconstitutionally segregated every major metropolitan area in America through law and policy.


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"When we're talking about racial disparities and family wealth, when we're talking about health outcomes, when we're talking about schools closing, when we're talking about policing, we're really talking about where we live. And in America, we live apart, and none of that is accidental."


An expert's 7 principles for solving America's housing crisis

Matt Yglesias interviews Jenny Schuetz, a housing economist at Brookings Institute, about housing affordability. Dr. Schuetz identifies two distinct issues, requiring different solutions. The first issue is that low-income families across America don’t earn enough to afford housing. Dr. Schuetz advocates an entitlement that provides housing subsidies for these families. Separately, a small number of metro areas have not built sufficient housing. This has driven up the housing costs, making housing unaffordable even for many households. Housing subsidies will not help affordability in these markets. Dr Schuetz advises zoning changes, likely driven by state and Federal governments.

Neighborhood Defenders

On this podcast, Katherine Einstein discusses her book Neighborhood Defenders with Matt Yglesias. Neighborhood Defenders is the term that Einstein uses for opponents of housing, instead of NIMBYs. This is because few would identify as the pejorative term NIMBY, and Katherine suggests that most neighborhood defenders don’t endorse selfish motives. The podcast discusses how community members gained so much power in housing decisions, efforts and challenges to fix this dynamic and possible solutions.